Solutions for Your Foot Problems

Epping Podiatry Centre combines the latest research with clinical experience.

  • Foot Pain

    Foot Pain

    More than 60% of people have experienced foot pain in their lifetime, two thirds of those within the last 12 months.Yet only a fraction of those people, two out of five, sought professional treatment for their pain. There is no need to put up with pain, solutions are avaiable.

  • Foot Care

    Foot Care

    Many foot complaints are due to skin and nail problems. Corns, callus, thick or ingrowing nails can all lead to pain that can interfere with your daily activities. Many of these skin and nail problems require ongoing management but for some there can be a solution.

  • Diabetes

    Diabetes and the Foot

    One million Australians have diabetes. If you have diabetes it is important to know your foot health status and develop a plan to help manage your feet. There are simple, reliable and validated tests that provide the information needed for the development of a management plan.