Corns and Callus

The common cold of the foot

Corns and Callus are the body's protective mechanism gone wrong. The skin is able to protect itself from pressure by forming a thick outer layer. Sometimes the pressure is too high and the outer layer of skin becomes so thick that it acts like a foreign body on the skin. This is a callus. A focus of pressure within the callous can occur causing a hard plug of skin to form and this is a corn. Because corns and callous form on the dead outer layer of the skin there is no "root".

Treatment of corns and calluses involves debriding or paring the callus and removing the centre of the corn. Pads are often used to reduce the friction and pressure of the corn. The podiatrist will also discuss the type of footwear most likely to cause corns or calluses and prescribe orthotics to reduce excessive forces on the foot.

Provide a treatment plan that will include the following:

  • Recommend regular treatment
  • Suggest a softening cream
  • Advise on self-care
  • Provide padding devices to take the pressure of the painful areaGive footwear advice or prescribe special footwear
  • Analyse abnormal gait biomechanics and prescribe functional orthoses
  • Refer for a surgical remedy

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