Foot Orthoses

Solutions for Foot Pain

A Newspoll study commissioned by the Australasian Podiatry Council, based on a sample of 1200 people nationally showed that more than 60% of people have experienced foot pain in their lifetime, two thirds of those within the last 12 months. Yet only a fraction of those people, two out of five, sought professional treatment for their pain.

Foot pain can be successfully treated with custom foot orthoses. Foot orthoses are shoe inserts designed improve the function of the feet. They are also often commonly referred to as 'orthotics.

Foot orthoses provided by the Epping Podiatry Centre are made following a diagnosis of your foot complaint. To obtain the diagnosis further investigations, such as an x-ray or ultrasound scan may be required.

Once the diagnosis is made then an examination of the foot and lower leg's structure, alignment and joint range of motion is made. A computer aided video analysis of walking pattern is made using a software program called Kinovea. 3D Scans are then taken of both feet and emailed to our orthotic laboratory, who use a combination of computer aided design and proven long established production methods to produce the orthoses.

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